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Distinctive Selections

Be the first to see next year’s Distinctive Selections. These are the special and most unique varieties sure to be popular with your customers for years to come.

From compact flowering shrubs and hardy evergreen hedges to long-blooming perennials and versatile edible plants, we have a beautiful Distinctive Selection for every landscape.

Garden Gateway

Where can I get my Monrovia account information?

Usually you would visit our Garden Gateway tool for up-to-date availability, order status, and other information. We are currently upgrading this site to make it a better experience. Please contact your Monrovia Sales Representative for any assistance you need while we’re making improvements. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for being a Garden Gateway user.

How do I access the current photo availability list?

Please ask your Monrovia Sales Craftsmen for photos of plants available to you.

Special Plant Campaigns for 2022


Join in the excitement! Make our 2022 special advertising and content campaigns your own with these customizable marketing resources. This year, we'll be driving extra consumer interest in:

Use these templates to easily create your:

Bee A Winner Giveaway

Generate buzz with the Bee A Winner Pollinator Plant Giveaway, exclusively for Monrovia retailers and their customers. Find full details on program participation at https://go.monrovia.com/pollinator-contest-retailer

Participating locations may use the following marketing assets:

Shareable Content

Can I share Monrovia blog posts on our website and in our email newsletters?

Yes, please feel free to share.

Our blog contains great ideas from landscape designers, planting combinations, and in-depth articles on popular plants– this content inspires shopping!

How to share:

  1. Visit our blog, Be Inspired.
  2. Check out our latest posts for the most seasonally relevant stories or use the Search bar to search by keyword “in Blog.”
  3. When you find a story you’d like to share, you can share it directly from the Be Inspired blog through social media links.

    Blog Screen Shot 2

  4. You can also copy the URL from your web browser window and use it in your own newsletter.

How do I share Monrovia’s social media posts?

Please share social content directly from our Monrovia accounts.

New to social media sharing? Here's a handy guide.

Plant Photography

How do I get the Monrovia photos I would like to use in my garden center's marketing?

As a valued customer, you may use branded photos of the Monrovia varieties in your current orders.

Please contact your Monrovia Sales Craftsman to request images.

Allow up to 14 business days to fulfill your photo request. Requests of 100+ plant photos may take up to three weeks.


Can I download photos from your website? 

No. Please do not download images from our website. Not all Monrovia images are licensed for distribution so we may not own the rights to share certain images with you.

If you accidentally use an image unlicensed for distribution, it is a violation of copyright law. (It also puts the photographers in a difficult position, as they count on licensing to help them earn their living.)

Please submit all photo requests to your Monrovia Sales Craftsman. Thank you.


How long does it take to receive the images I request?

Please allow up to 14 business days to fulfill your photo request.

Note: Requests of 100+ plant photos may take up to three weeks.

Ongoing Marketing Support

How else are you helping me reach more customers?

Monrovia uses a marketing strategy to reach out to our target audiences where they may be looking for inspiration and information: that includes paid social media, digital display, video, print, and other channels to advertise our brand and Distinctive Selections plants. We also work with writers and editors across the country to build excitement for our most unique plants and garden ideas, so that homeowners know what to look for when they visit your garden center.

Logos and Banners

Use our logos on your advertising materials to remind your customers you’re offering Monrovia plants. 

  • Download guidelines here.
  • Download logo art here.

2021 Videos

Downloadable Consumer Guides

Share our more recent downloadable consumer guides with your customers! Review to see what varieties you should have in stock. Link to the guide from your website and social media so your consumers have design inspiration and assistance on designing/making choices.

POP 1-2-3

Order your custom bedmarkers any time you want through Monrovia's online POP 1-2-3 program. Shipping depends on order sizes. Non-Spring orders may take longer to process unless noted as a "rush" which may incur cost.

If you do not yet have an account, please contact your Monrovia sales rep to set up your account. Please include contact name, email address, garden center name, phone number, and billing address.