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Monrovia Retailer Resources

Welcome to the one-stop marketing toolkit for Monrovia retail partners. Make Monrovia's marketing programs your own with easy resources like shareable gardening content, digital graphics, in-depth plant information, easy-order POP, Monrovia logos, customizable advertising templates, plant videos, and more. This is also your hub for exclusive sales programs and staff training resources for independent garden centers, only from Monrovia.

Monrovia's Marketing Power


How does Monrovia help me reach more customers?

Monrovia's marketing strategy reaches your target audiences where they may be looking for inspiration and information: that includes paid social media, digital display, video, print, and other channels to advertise our brand and Distinctive Selections plants. We also work with writers and editors across the country to build excitement for our most unique plants and garden ideas, so that homeowners know what to look for when they visit your garden center.

Tap into the rich suite of marketing support and assets we have to offer. Explore this page to find resources to share and use in your own marketing programs.

Content Marketing Calendar

Plug into the power of Monrovia's content marketing

Tie your own displays, promotions, emails, and social media posts  to our weekly and monthly themes and resources to  boost the impact of your store's marketing campaigns and be ready for the demand driven from Monrovia's national reach.

Shareable Content

Start here

Want to jumpstart your marketing efforts? Start with Monrovia's Quick-Start Guide to start sharing our ready-made content. Just click the image to download our easy 1-2-3 steps. And good news, if you're on this page, you've already done Step 1!


Top 5 Content Resources to share — and how

1 Be Inspired blog posts - Find at https://www.monrovia.com/be-inspired.

Share these articles as links with your audience. 

2 Guides - Find our full digital library of Consumer Gardening Guides at https://www.monrovia.com/digital-guide-library.

Share the download links with your audience.

3 Videos - Find our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/@MonroviaPlants/.

Share our videos using the "share" or "embed" features to add them to your website, social media, or emails.

4 Social media posts - Find us at @MonroviaPlants on every social media platform.

Share our posts directly from our feed. 

5 Webinars - Share invitations to upcoming webinars with this link: https://go.monrovia.com/monrovia-webinar-series.

Share recordings of past webinars from this directory: https://go.monrovia.com/monrovia-webinar-series-past.


Top Blog Posts to Share

Social Media

Follow us on social media to share social content directly from our Monrovia accounts. We are @MonroviaPlants on all platforms. Mention us in your posts for a chance to be featured on our platforms. Need tips on how get featured? Here's a handy guide.

We post content for consumers on:

We also share new and timely resources and other marketing tools, tips, and insights for retailers on LinkedIn. Please follow us to stay up to date and find fresh content to share. 

Planning Guides

All our downloadable consumer guides are collected in our Planning Guide Library.

Free Landscape Plans are also now available on request as a customer handout. Order yours to inspire new projects. . 

Link to our guides from your website and social media to give your customers design inspiration and plant selection ideas. Use the below links to share. 


Find our full playlist on our YouTube Channel

Consumer Webinars

Our highly-anticipated and -attended free gardening webinar series showcases Monrovia plants in a variety of problem-solving and inspiring design topics. We encourage you and your staff to join them as well for ideas on which plants to recommend and ways to create new displays. Join our email list to get first access to reserve your seat.

2024 Distinctive Selections

Our Distinctive Selections Guide is your overview of both plants and marketing resources.

1 Of the 3,000 plants in Monrovia's catalog, our Distinctive Selections stand out for their improved performance and remarkable beauty. This is your guide to the best of the best.
Monrovia exclusive or newer varieties and highlighted collections are spotlighted, along with key selling points.
Our pages detail the Monrovia difference to help you share the value of our plants with your customers.
Use our research-based insights into consumer buying habits and trend forecasting to guide your displays, buying, and marketing plans.
Get an overview of our national marketing campaigns and digital presence.
Our POP and plant information section shares how you can bring the Monrovia brand to life in your garden center.

Use our Distinctive Selections Guide along with our videos and the below sell sheets to train your staff on what makes these selections a great choice for gardeners.

Want to share our guide with customers? Use this link to our Consumer Edition of the 2024 Distinctive Selections Guide: https://www.monrovia.com/2024-distinctive-selections

Sell Sheets

Retailer Webinars

Our retailer webinars are exclusively for our IGC customers, and will get you and your team geared up for the season ahead. 

Secrets to Spring Success  - Tools and Tips for 2024.

Click the image to watch on-demand

Included: New Plants | Top Trends | Business Insights | Easy Programs

Special Plant Campaigns

Join in the excitement! Make our special plant advertising and content campaigns your own with our customizable marketing resources. This year, we'll be driving extra consumer interest in:

Logos and Graphics

Use our logos on your advertising materials to remind your customers you’re offering Monrovia plants. 

  • Download guidelines here.
  • Download logo art here.

Posters and POP

Display Posters

Beautiful and attention-getting, our professionally designed posters in our updated branding style help shoppers find Monrovia plants in your garden center. We offer three sizes and formats to help bring customers that last step from our marketing to your displays. 

Please see our 2024 Poster Key for all available options, or ask your sales rep for their advice and to place your order.

1 Monrovia's two-sided display posters are made to fit our table frames or hang from grommets. Choose from plant or collection-specific designs, landscape solutions, or lifestyle trend topics.
Spotlight- 16-9
2 Smaller spotlight posters highlight Monrovia exclusives or grab-and-go displays. H-frame wires are included for easy attachment.
A-frame POP 16-9
3 Our sturdy A-frame fold-out poster only needs a weight at the bottom for easy setup. Taller and wider than the spotlight poster, this self-standing poster is ideal for larger table displays or floor-level plants like trees and shrubs.
Download our full Poster Key to request signs from your rep


POP 1-2-3

Order custom bedmarkers any time through Monrovia's online POP 1-2-3 program. Shipping depends on order sizes. Non-Spring orders may take longer to process unless noted as a "rush," which may incur additional cost.

Two formats are available: single and triple variety.

POP 123

You can order on demand using POP 1-2-3.

If you do not yet have an account, please request one using the link below.

Plant Photography

How do I get the Monrovia photos I would like to use in my garden center's marketing?

Customers may use branded photos of the Monrovia varieties in their current orders. For instant access to high-resolution watermarked images, select the "Photo Gateway" tile in the Marketing Resources section of your Garden Gateway account page: 

Screenshot Photo Library

Can I download photos from your website? 

No. Please do not download images from our website or from website search results of images. Not all Monrovia images are licensed for distribution so we may not own the rights to share certain images with you. Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials may constitute trademark or copyright infringement, in violation of state or federal laws.

Even accidental use of licensed images is a violation of copyright law. (It also puts the photographers in a difficult position, as they count on licensing to help them earn their living.) Please limit your use of Monrovia photography to the images available through our photo library to avoid legal risk.

What are the other requirements for using images from Monrovia's Photo Gateway?

  • All photos are property of Monrovia Nursery Co. By downloading assets you are agreeing to our terms of use.
  • Any copyright, logo or watermark in Monrovia images must be retained and may not be removed or cropped out without written authorization
  • Monrovia images and copyrighted materials may not be given, sold, or loaned to any other party after download.  Any unauthorized use is prohibited.
  • Monrovia images can only be used to promote plants purchased directly from Monrovia Nursery Co.

How do I search for and download images?
Please see our Garden Gateway Photo Library Guide for more help. 


Sustainability Practices

Sustainability Guide 16-9

Information about our current sustainability practices is available in three versions to share with customers and staff. You can email or text the digital booklet, print copies of the print-alternative booklet, or print the double-sided trifold. They all contain a broad overview of what we do to grow responsibly in our nurseries. We are currently conducting an in-depth sustainability audit—look for additional measures to be implemented and added to an updated version of these guides soon.

Good Bugs: Growing Responsibly with Beneficials

Share the good news about the good bugs we ship with every Mandevilla with your customers with our consumer landing page. The QR code tag on our Mandevillas also links to this page. 

Use our fact sheet on how we grow responsibly with beneficial insects to train your staff and watch our video for more details. 


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Garden Gateway

Where can I get my Monrovia account information?

Visit our Garden Gateway tool for up-to-date availability, order status, and other information.