What should I do if my plant is wilting?

Wilting plants are a common sight in extreme heat. Many plants will wilt in the heat of the day and perk up in the evening as temperatures lower. If your plant remains wilted through the night, check your soil moisture levels.  

Wilting can be a sign of either too little or too much moisture. If your plants are wilting, test the soil moisture and water deeply if soil is dry under 2” of soil for potted plants, and 6” for in-ground plants. If the soil is wet or soggy, allow it to dry before watering. Avoid the temptation to continue deeply watering, as overwatering further stresses plants. While a deep early-morning soaking can perk up a wilted plant experiencing heat stress, do not saturate it constantly to the point of waterlogging or you’ll have a whole new set of problems.