What makes Monrovia soil so special?

Plants grown in nutrient-rich soils are healthier, with stronger root systems; therefore, a critical component of the Monrovia growing process is our soil. Monrovia is the only grower of premium ornamentals in the world that custom blends 42 different soil mixes, including slow-release fertilizer and organic matter such as compost.

Seven different types of mycorrhizae are added to our soil mix to create an environment that dramatically increases the life of our plants. Mycorrhiza is a beneficial fungus that develops in and around a plant’s roots, stimulating its nutrient and water uptake, increasing fruit and flower yield, and reducing transplant shock and other environmental stresses.

Once you begin adding Monrovia plants to your garden, the mycorrhizae in our soil will begin to spread, benefiting your entire garden’s eco-system. You’ll see for yourself that quality soil ensures that plants flourish, making them far more resistant to pests and disease.