2. Ordering Online

What is the status of my online order?

To track the status of your online order, log in to your Monrovia.com account and navigate to "My Orders". 


Here is a list of possible statuses and their definitions:

Processing: We received your order and our craftsmen are making preparations to have it delivered.

Confirmed: Your plants are still growing. They will be on the next truck that goes to the garden center you selected at checkout. 

Complete: Your plants are on the truck or have been delivered to the garden center you selected. You will receive an email letting you know that your order has shipped and the garden center should contact you by phone when the order arrives at their store. If you do not hear from them within 5 days of receiving the "Shipping" email, please contact the garden center to coordinate pick-up.

Closed: Your order needed to be refunded. The circumstances that would lead to this status are rare. We work hard to have the most accurate list of available plants online; unfortunately, nature doesn't alway cooperate.


If you have additional questions about your order please contact shopmonrovia@monrovia.com