How soon should I re-pot or transplant my Monrovia plant?

We recommend transplanting your Monrovia plant into a new, larger pot or the garden as soon as possible.  

Monrovia plants are grown to be healthy and full by the time they make it to the garden center. In most cases, you’ll notice that Monrovia plants are larger and fuller than competitors’ plants (see graph below). This means that they have a large, healthy root system that could use room to grow shortly after you bring them home. A larger pot or in-ground planting will also allow you to provide the additional water that a full, leafy plant needs.  

Plus, even our long-term, slow-release fertilizer could use some replenishment over time and repotting with an equally high-quality soil mix is a great way to provide more nutrients to the plant and set it up for a long and healthy life. 


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